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View Poll Results: Off contract/unlocked prices for the ATIV S

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  • $400 or even lower?

    0 0%
  • $450?

    2 15.38%
  • $500?

    2 15.38%
  • $550?

    2 15.38%
  • $600?

    4 30.77%
  • $650 or even higher?

    3 23.08%
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  1. geekmaster's Avatar

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    I am in serious search for a new smartphone. My focus has already run its welcome with uninspiring build quality, washed out screen, and low quality camera. I love the os, but i just feel like its being held back on the focus.

    Yes yes, i know i am asking what you guys think off contract pricing for the ativ s will be. This is because i am willing to give Samsung one more chance. I have considered that the focus is almost 3 years old. And companies can and will for the most part improve in quality over 3 years.

    Now lets run this down

    The ativ s is pretty much a carbon copy of what we have seen with the GS3. Curvy edges, pebble like underlying styled glass, same screen & size, both front and back camera's, and pretty much the same storage options. So yes we can determine Samsung did not put too much R&D into the ATIV S but strangely enough it looks allot more premium than the GS3. And that home button begs to be touched! Its the one thing that really sets this device apart in design except for the back speaker grill.

    I believe that the micro-SD extension slot does contribute to cost. But from the video's we have seen of a Russian guy doing a hardware overview you will immediately notice the plastic innards of the ativ s when he removes the back cover. another indication that the cost of making less pricey than the other wp8 devices announced so far. Also the screen technology is well over a year old. Its a pentile super active matrix oled (super amoled for short) This hopefully will also reduce the end cost.

    In general samsung has been good to us when it comes to unlocked & off contract windows phone pricing. But could the IFA announcement from earlier this month just as well be a sign for it being "overpriced"? They used words like if you "love" smartphones your really going to like this. "premium" device. And a huge enthasis on the word "Ecosystem" Also There was no announcement of the rumored low end "marco" device.

    With all of the mixed messages from Samsung's approach of wp8 at IFA and extreme levels of silence from Samsung themselves, How much do you believe the ativ s will cost off contract? Let me know in the comments bellow and answer the poll i have set up.
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  2. kregstrong's Avatar

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    $600-$650. I bet it will be same as gs3.

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  3. Kredrian's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by kregstrong View Post
    $600-$650. I bet it will be same as gs3.

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    I agree, its a GS3 with WP8 on it, so I would imagine it will come in around the same price range.
  4. SnailUK's Avatar

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    I'd say it will be more than the GS3, purely because its new (its easier to drop the price, than increase it). Give it a month or two, it will drop down to GS3-esque prices.
  5. inteller's Avatar

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    whatever the price is, it will still be cheaper than on contract after 2 years.
  6. travisel's Avatar

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    The pricing of the ATIV S should be the same as there GS3....all most the same hardware?
    The only differ is:

    GS3 2GB RAM vs 1GB ATIV S
    ATIV S 2,300mAh Battery vs 2,100mAh Battery

    $599. for 32GB Model
    $499. for 16GB Model

    This is my gess :)

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