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    Ever since this morning Im facing random clicks. I wont even be touching the screen and it’ll start moving. I even had a call being automatically answered. When composing a message or email gibberish words(aaabbbccc etc) will be typed without me typing them. Since the phone was just released a few days ago I havent been able to find anyone with the same issues. I have tried a hard reset with and issue still being present. It could be that Clove shipped me a defective unit or it can be a software issue, maybe I have the “One in a Million” defective handset or Fedex could have damaged it in transit…….who knows. Whatever the case, the issue is definitely there.

    I have a video up here . Scroll all the way down.

    Hope someone can help.
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    Yea. its likely defective. Just get a replacement. that's uncommon. for a phone to do that
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    Written to clove so lets see if they accept taking it back. Fingers crossed

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