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    Anyone have insider info on when/if we are going to get the ATIV S on Verizon? Deciding whether to go with 822 or wait for ATIV :)
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    we have no idea. when Verizon is gonna announce the Ativ Odyssey.. It could be a high end phone or mid range. I think you should ask Mr. MacPhisto. since he's Our Verizon expert :-)
    I also heard on this website that the Samsung Windows phone is gonna be like 5 inches or something
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    still curious about this one too! i am leaning towards the htc 8x but love samsung phones as well. hurry up verizon!!

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    I thought i heard more recently that this was expected mid january.
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    i am stilling looking at the ativ s for verizon. how long could this possible take, ???/ at this point, they might as well wait for the next WP release. This is ridiculous.
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    Looks like therre will be no Ativ S on verizon any time soon. the recently released specs for Odyssey is a dumbed down, smaller device. Pitiful VERIZON!

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