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    How is the battery life of Samsung Focus Flash a.k.a Omnia W?
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    Depends on Activities you do

    Minimal Activity I can go about two days without needing a charge.

    Listening to MP3 almost all a day or about 12 hours, sending and receiving txt, etc..(drain's about to 50%),

    Heavy Usage - Gaming, Video, streaming over Cell and Wifi can drain the battery pretty fast in about 8 or so.

    I have had good battery life but it all depends on what you using your phone for has well..

    My Input on Flash Battery Life
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    Mine is good but not that good. I might have more apps getting updates and more email coming in. But I get a whole day at least and use mine a good bit.
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    I found Turing off data when I'm not using it helps a lot. I'm on WiFi at home and work so 90% of my day I don't need data. I can go 2 days on a charge with light to moderate usage, sometimes I can get 3 days.

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    I have easily gone 30+ hours...great phone with no issues :-)

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    Compared to other smart phones the battery life is excellent. Small (3'7) Super AMOLED screen is great for battery life.

    Here's a test:
    Nokia Lumia 710 vs. Samsung I8350 Omnia W: Battle of the affordable Windows Phones - GSMArena.com
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    2 days with moderate use. :lol:
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    Lasts 1 day 12 hours average with wifi and 3g both on .

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