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    What's the best way to do this?
    Make with the WP purchase already one time why dontcha for pete's sake. Honestly.....
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    Literally the only way is to sync them with the same Zune client and restore the new one from the old backup. I found it easier just to download them all again. It's not like there are a ton of apps for WP7 (that you'd want) and the one's you purchased will automatically be recognized as long as you're signed in with the same live account.
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    What I do when I change phones is use account history/Apps in Zune as a list of all the apps I purchased. Them I install them one by one using the market on my phone.
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    Exactly, except I'm anal. So I keep a running list of current apps/deleted apps in OneNote (synced to my phone) w/app name, type (App/Game) developer and price. The ability to print out the list works well with 170+ apps, plus another 80 deleted. Makes reloading much easier. Adding apps only takes a few seconds and dragging removed apps to the deleted list is a breeze.

    On some reinstalls I have lost apps, so tracking down by developer is helpful.

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    You could always go to Windowsphone.com, log in with your live account, hover over your name, click 'Account' and you'll see a list of apps you've previously installed. You can click the links right there to install directly from the web.

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