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    just recently i had to get a new charge cord because the cable of the old one lets just say ripped or cut. but i got a new one and the usb part doesnt work but the phone dings cause of the charge i dont know what happened i even tried another computer and same thing i hope the usb didnt go out but i am under warrenty

    someone firgure this out please?
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    sorry for double posting but i got into the diagnosis app and usb tethering has has error and some others doesnt work just goes to start screen any ideas?
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    There are "charging" USB cables and "data/charging" USB cables. The later costs more because because it has more wires. Are you sure you have a data cable?

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    I had a similar problem with my Focus S. Tried rejigging the usb port and ended up breaking it.

    Bought a replacement part online for $6 which fixed it.

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