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    Mix Radio
    Stream hours of your favourite music for free with Mix Radio. No subscription needed. Just click and play. And with the benefit of caching, even if your network signal is weak Mix Radio just keeps on playing.
    Create your own mixes and personalised playlists based on the music you already have and love. Just choose an artist or a genre of music as a starting point and Mix Radio will dynamically create a playlist for you to enjoy. You can even pin your favourite playlists to the start screen or download them for listening when youre offline...
    I can't find an .xap that allows the streaming feature!
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    It's not available for the US yet.
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    WHYYY?!? When will it be? Is there an ETA?
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    As soon as Microsoft stops offering a paid music service, which I suspect will be never. Try Zune yet? You should.

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    Is there no way to spoof the location? I would LOVE to be able to stream music over EDGE!

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