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    I turned off my auto brightness and set my brightness to low. I immediately noticed that whenever I press the lock/unlock button from the sleep state, the wallpaper screen for an instant shows the background behind it. Not a big deal but still annoying. Also sometimes the alarm symbol shows up in the wrong place but corrects itself quickly.

    Turning auto brightness on solves the issue!
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    i tryed to reproduce your bug with no luck , well lol . it might be a good thing that my phone doesnt do it,

    its probly a Intermittent Problem ( in other words it doesnt always happened ) it might be a bug with YOUR phone. see if u can get it exchanged with a other Focus. ( worst case)
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    Confirmed. I've been getting this too. I turned off auto brightness because I felt the low setting is far too low sometimes. Since disabling the auto setting, the screen has had its UI elements pop in every time I wake the phone up. Usually showing the last app/start screen, background, then the date and time.

    They should really just adjust the brightness based on a slider of variables, and not 3 fixed values.
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    Have not gotten this, so I honestly can't confirm... My phone is not really buggy except Marketplace freeze. That is all...

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