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    Anyone else from the UK on T-mo here? It's so annoying that we still don't have NoDo! Anyone been able to get more info out of them other than "still testing"? Gah!
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    Good god that's rediculous I thought all the UK networks would have it by now. It was available on 3 pretty early.

    Just had a look at the 'Where's My Update' and you're right, it's still testing. (All other UK networks have it)

    Perhaps they are adding a lovely new 'T Mobile' icon/tile somewhere LOL

    Fingers crossed it arrives soon mydefposse.
  3. braydee89's Avatar

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    I still haven't got the February update, I'm still stuck on 7004. The update is due today apparently, though I'm not holding my breath.
  4. achilles#WP's Avatar

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    I'm on 7008 with Orange UK Omnia 7. I don't understand why there is still a delay.

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