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  1. tamm0r's Avatar

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    is it somehow possible to change the preferred date format in the forum? Couldn't find anything in the profile...

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    I believe that's a setting configured in the forum software itself, as opposed to a member-to-member basis. We'll see if the update introduces functionality to achieve this as I'd prefer not to be stuck using the weird US format too :P
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  3. SSK the Gr8's Avatar

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    yes please. Something like 13 Jan 2012 would be much better
  4. Kevin Michaluk's Avatar

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    I've put it on the to do list. Good suggestion.
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    I'm in the US, but I don't use US date format.

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  6. tamm0r's Avatar

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    Oh and while you're at it... Please change the date formatting in your WP7 app as well :-)

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