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    Hello guys!
    At the moment I have Nokia N8, I am planing to change my phone for new nokia with WP8. The problem is that Nokia 920 is to big for me... I could get Nokia 820 but then I will lose rich recording and optical stabilization for camera... I need great camera with nokia maps but 920 is just to big for me. When we can expect new nokia models? when they show lumia 920 last year? do u think that new nokia will be smaller? I am little bit scary with the sizes... it looks like in 3 years we will be using 7" mobile phones...
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    You should look at the Lumia 720 just google it or have a look for it on YouTube. The 720 may be more to you liking.

    Here's a link to get you started (YouTube quick overview)

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    All WP8 Nokias except the 520 have "Rich Recording"
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    what about optical stabilization? hmm the lumia 720 is not on official windows phone site, any1 know why?
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    The 720 does not have optical stabilization, but does have F1.9 for better low light images than a standaard smartphone.

    I am afraid that if you want optical stabilization in a WP device and do not want the 920, then you have to wait till August or September 2013.

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