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    Hey all, I'm getting a new laptop on Monday, and I was hoping for some recommendations. I really only have access to best buy or WalMart. I'm wanting to stay under $400 and need at least 500gbs of storage. I need a laptop that will last a while. I've had a couple of acers in the past and they are complete junk, so I want to stay away from that brand. Are Asus laptops any good? Which brand do you prefer? I'm looking to get the laptop for the money I have to spend. Thanks for the help!
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    I doubt it will fit your budget but if you can find a way to get a touch screen laptop.... they are nice.

    Nonetheless, I've tried several brands over the year and keep coming back to Acer.
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    You get what you pay for - any laptop for 400$ will be junk.

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