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    The Windows Easy Transfer program, which is nice little built-in way of moving files, settings and some apps to a new PC has always worked for me in the past. I just tried it again moving from a Windows 7 PC that I installed Windows 8 Pro on at launch and a new Windows 8 Pro PC I just bought. But there is a new wrinkle in Windows 8: Easy Transfer apparently doesn't know how to transfer from one PC with a Microsoft Account to another with the same account. I received an error message that "Windows can't log on to your domain" on the new PC. Neither PC is part of a domain. I even tried changing my accounts to local accounts and that didn't work either. Searching the Microsoft forums, I found others have had this problem. There is a complicated work around that doesn't seem to work, or does for a while and then doesn't according one of the posts I read.

    I may be in a small segment of the user base right now trying to move files from one Win 8 PC to another, but there will be more and more of us over time. For the sake of others, I sure hope they get a fix soon. Me, I just transferred files via my Passport external drive. Slow, but it works. Apps are another story, but I like to clean my hard drive of apps I bought but don't use anymore now and then anyway, but there are a few that I may need to re-purchase. Pfft.
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    I don't know why , but I always think Microsoft account are keen on having correct dates and times to log in sometimes , please check time and date (time.is website could help) and try again.

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