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    Hey guys

    I didn't find anything on the interweb, so maybe someone of you has an answer.

    In Windows 8 Mail, is there really no way to define an IMAP root folder path? My personal mail address requires that, and I just can't set it.

    Thanks in advance

    (It's the same on Windows Phone, but there I just live with it, on my computer I have to be able to set this option, or I'm stuck with Windows Live Mail and I'd like to try out the whole mail integrated into the OS experience. Even the iPhone has this option (that was all I found out looking for a solution ) so I don't really see why it shouldn't be an option on a full grown OS. )
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    I don't want to set up email, I want to define the root folder path. 😉
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    Have you tried TechNet?

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