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    Today I am happy to announce that the first major update to Piktr has passed certification is now on the Windows Store.

    What is Piktr?
    Piktr is an unofficial Instagram app for the Windows Store. It aims to be the easiest out of all of the Instagram apps on the store, with a few unique selling points that I think make it compelling.

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    Piktr includes a fast, fluid, and streamlined interface which tries to get out of your way as much as possible. You will get things done faster, more easily, and in less steps than competing products.

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    Signing in to Piktr is extremely simple and secure. Provided you have an existing account, you will be up and running very quickly.

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    Again, the user interface that I've created for Piktr aims to reduce clutter and bring your content to the forefront. Comments open inline so that you can glance at comments, and get right back to what you were doing without any additional steps.

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    The experience for user profiles is equally stunning.

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    Piktr integrates nicely with Windows 8 by implementing things like semantic zooming, secondary tile pinning, and the search charm.

    Download by clicking here:
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