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  1. SahilShah's Avatar

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    Is anyone going to buy a new Windows 8 laptop now? Or, is everyone going to wait until around June for the 4th Generation Haswell Imtel Chip? Just wanted to know everyone's opinions...
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    I have a third generation ivy bridge. Bought my laptop with windows 7. I took the upgrade offer for 15us when it was available and got myself windows 8 pro. Three years next business day warranty from dell. Can't see my self needing to purchase a new laptop anytime soon.
  3. johninsj's Avatar

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    Just got an hp elitebook revolve at work. Pretty nice business "executive" ultrabook/tabletish hybrid thingie, but pricey when you get the top of the line model. Nothing like a core i7+12gb ram + 256gb ssd for performance though :)
  4. Kevin Rush's Avatar

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    I'm waiting for Haswell.
  5. SahilShah's Avatar

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    Yeah, I agree, I was gonna buy a new laptop, but I'm waiting for Haswell as well haha

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