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    Quote Originally Posted by dainla View Post
    (Pssst... He's asking about Windows 8.1, not Windows Phone)

    I'm still waiting for the final release of W8.1 before I put it back on my laptop/tablet. The RC was just to buggy for me, for a change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inteller View Post
    just copied my entire music collection to a microsd. will I be able to add it to 8.1 without jumping through hoops in music library?

    Yes. Microsoft re-architected Windows Search to include external memory card support.

    You can do it two ways-

    1. Settings, Make default save location
    2. Add folder to library, and make it default.

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    They did, but they created a user issue finding it. They hid libraries so now only advance users really know about its functionality. I don't think you're given an option to use libraries when you put an removable storage.
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    Libraries are not hidden, they're under This PC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inteller View Post
    it takes an advanced user to fan out the tree apparently.
    I don't think right clicking and choosing show libraries requires a very advanced user. I would also hardly call it genuinely hidden since it is a beta and Instructions are readily available on line

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