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View Poll Results: What is your most used or favorite feature on your phone?

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  • Metro UI

    12 60.00%
  • Zune

    6 30.00%
  • Xbox Live integration

    1 5.00%
  • A hardware feature, like speakers that slide out, or a beautiful screen

    0 0%
  • It's the apps, stupid.

    0 0%
  • It's not Android/iOS

    1 5.00%
  • Nothing. I hate WP7. HATE IT!

    0 0%
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  1. IamNabil's Avatar

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    Pretty straight forward question, right?
  2. ninjaap's Avatar

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    Uh... can I get more than one choice?

    1) Zune integration
    2) XBL integration
    3) Surround speakers enhances experience with 1 & 2
  3. MarcMaiden's Avatar

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    It really is hard to pick.....

    the ONE thing i know wp7 does well is its core apps: Music/video, games, internet, calls/call quality, messaging.

    I like the keyboard much better than android as well.....I was at work trying to set up a customers captivate and was thinking wow this keyboard is sluggish...

    ugh i cant decide :-\

    EDIT: ok, my favorite part is the UI. That is what really got me to switch from android to wp7.
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    I went with UI also. I really enjoy interacting with my device.
    HTC Surround
  5. spitothec's Avatar

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    I would still be on a Blackberry if not for the Zune integration.
  6. L3vi's Avatar

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    Umm, its fast? All of the above? Idk its just a quick and polished experience that is awesome
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    I use everything too much due to my love for the Metro UI, although I do enjoy gaming with Live achievements. I am excited about using my phone instead of it being just a product I carry around with me, looking forward to the updates coming soon.

    Richard Edmonds
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I am excited about using my phone instead of it being just a product I carry around with me.
    well said.
    HTC Surround
  9. Melk's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgarcia View Post
    I would still be on a Blackberry if not for the Zune integration.
    Exactly the same thing here.
  10. jtn05's Avatar

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    I picked the Zune integration. Having this built in is what really kept me from getting android. Its hard to just stop at that one thing tho as i also love the UI and how fast the phone is. At work everybody else has a android phone and i was showing somebody a app today and the first thing he said was "That phone is fast....i hate android now"lol.
  11. Light Speed1's Avatar

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