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    Customers have been experiencing problems about sync between Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft Outlook. Many solutions are out there but our customers are asking for easier to use information. I wanted to share out this Guided Walkthrough. It has step by step instructions and hopefully customers will find this a more user friendly experience. I hope people find this to be helpful. (Discl: I sit on a Microsoft team)

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    Good information thanks for posting. I am going to move this over to the WP7 talk forum.
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    I recently switched jobs and my new employer does not support any smart phones but Blackberries. While I like the "freedom" of not having my work email synced with my phone, I miss seeing meeting info, contacts, etc on my phone. I have heard through the grapevine that if you are "in the know" at my company that you can sync your iPhone, so I assume WP7 is possible too. Does anyone know if that would only work with someone on the IT side enabling this for me, or should it work if I somehow figure out the right domain settings on my WP7. I messed around with it for like 30 minutes one day and go nowhere.

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