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    Why is it that T-Mobile (and Verizon?) have visual voicemail with the 7.5 update, but AT&T -- the supposed PREMIER PROVIDER of WP7 devices in the USA does not??!!

    I have called numerous departments at AT&T and two departments said they would call me back... within 24 hours.

    I think it's so cruddy that they support some Blackberry's and all the iPhones with visual voicemail, but don't support Windows Phone 7.5.

    I can understand AT&T not supporting the tethering feature in 7.5, but visual voicemail? That's been around for far too long to not support it on new Smartphones. :(

    Boo -- AT&T Wireless!
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    Neither does sprint! -_-
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    This is 100% on the carrier to provide it.
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    And whats stupid is that their "golden" phone the iPhone has visual voicemail. So no reason why they couldn't support it for Windows Phone

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