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View Poll Results: Host do you feel the Mango update going? Rate Microsoft on the release of Mango.

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    18 75.00%
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    3 12.50%
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    2 8.33%
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    1 4.17%
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  1. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Mod and Ambassador Team Emeritus

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    Mango day has been a hectic one. There have been some ups and downs. I said it weeks ago that I thought Microsoft was holding back the Mango update in hopes of getting as many Partners on board as possible. Here we are Microsoft has Mango rolling out to most of the Generation 1 devices and I am wondering? How do you thing Microsoft is doing? How do you rate Microsoft on Mango day?

  2. Dagolara's Avatar

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    Compared to NoDo a solid A.
  3. Apoc's Avatar

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    I agree, compared to NoDo, it's an A!
  4. scottitude's Avatar

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    I give it an A even though I had to use the "trick". But no hiccups, no serious lags (took just over an hour), and I didn't lose any data or content.

    Mango is sweeter than I imagined!
  5. jfa1's Avatar

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    The trick I hope is here to stay for future updates! It went well I read somewhere that MS was hoping to get it out to 98% of all WP device today. It would be nice if they made their goal. Its a really good update. Lets check out all the goodies and post the features and likes and dislikes!
  6. Duvi's Avatar
    Retired Moderator

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    Fall just started and most thought it would have been released towards the end of fall or even later (those who can't cut AT&T a break).
  7. Pronk's Avatar

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    If we're talking overall - it's a C. Today certainly seems to have gone well. The umming and aahing of the last few weeks, mixed messages, conflicting information from carriers/MS themselves, sarcastic tweets, less good.

    It wasn't a disaster, but could have gone better.
  8. velvetelvis's Avatar

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    i give it a c+. sure, it was better than nodo, but there are still people who have not gotten the update. i had to update thru the trick it method. but it could have been worse, android is still releasing phones that are an update behind. new phones, an update behind. thats an f.
  9. smartpatrol's Avatar

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    It's a MIRACLE that they got every major carrier to start rolling out updates on the same day. I never thought I'd see that happen.

    Sure, I'd like to see the day when MS can announce the exact release date weeks ahead of time, and where anybody can update directly from Zune on day 1 without the carrier's intervention. MS simply doesn't have the clout with carriers yet. Once Windows Phone gains some serious marketshare, then they will go in this direction.
  10. selfcreation's Avatar
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    still waiting *taps his foot **cross arms*
  11. doublebullout's Avatar

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    Microsoft obviously learned a lot from the NoDo update problems. Getting the carriers and OEMs to release the update mostly simultaneously is a huge win for Microsoft. Google hasn't managed any of the Android updates nearly as well. Microsoft deserves an "A" not just for the quality of the update (which is fantastic, IMO) but also for the much improved coordination of the rollout. If this is indicative of the future for WP7, then great things are ahead for all of us.

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