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    I discoved that my phone has been syncing camera pictures to my pc via zune at a low resolution. So I went to zune and said use "original". Then I deleted all the old photos from my PC.

    But zune won't resync the account, it thinks I have them already AND it makes a new directory. My phone name is HowdyDoody, so I have now have a new sub-directory named "From HowdyDoodyFrom HowdyDoody" which is empty.

    I also did the forget my phone trick and then reenabled it, but still no pictures.


    PS - what moron decided that uploading files to skydrive should be at a pathetic resolution? I can hear the discussion now, "let's give them 25GB of storage, but limit the pictures to 100kb."
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    If you upload the pictures using the share option, it will upload a bigger resolution one.

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