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    Anyone else thing the accent colours are ugly on the Samsung Omnia 7? My wife has the HTC Radar and the colours look more neutral and nicer to look at because the screen is Super LCD while the high contrast on the Super Amoled screen on the Omnia 7 makes all the accent colours look really terrible. The only colours that are decent are lime and mango.

    MS needs to make more colours or other options available here.

    Who agrees?
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    "Accent colors", or rather the lack of options of accent colors, is a common complaint in the WP world. I have the Focus, which should be pretty similar to your O7 in screen quality, and I have also found the blue and green options to work well. However, I'm currently using lime, because it really, really contrasts with the blackness of the SAMOLED screen. I have a feeling that there won't be any fix for this until Windows Phone 8, though. :\
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    could you elaborate what "horrible" colour means? It's just solid squares of colours on totally black or white background. what can be horrible about this?
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    He's talking about Aesthetics

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