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    Simple question, discuss! Also I wanted to know if there is anybody out there besides me who wishes WP7 had some sort of option to make the home screen scroll horizontally a la Windows 8 and customize your own tile color?
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    I read a list of the features ics will have an it is impressive. I agree with the above article. Google is horrible with updates. If they can get all the top phones on ics pretty soon they might have a winner.

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    to ignore it and focus on your phone :D Not being a ****. Serious answer
    IPhone 5s/Surface 2 RT owner here...
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    What exactly is there to topple? Just enjoy your phone, the toppling is down to MS, if they fail, so be it. Cant spend good Mango-enjoying time worrying about it. :)
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    Does it really matter to you if your phone OS is #1, 2 or 3. As long as it works for me, my attitude is "it's everybody else's loss". I will show you how WP works, but won't try to talk you into it.

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