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  1. petercip's Avatar

    14 Posts
    Good Morning.

    Figured I'd chime in to see if anyone else is having the same problems that I am with Mango, and my Samsung Focus.

    Bing Maps:
    NoDo, the location finder as well as computing directions worked flawlessly, and nearly instantly. Now with mango, it takes forever and a day to find my location, and calculating routes takes 5 minutes or so, regardless of the distance. This hampers the ability to use local scout as well. When a route has been calculated, tapping the screen gives me this "Can't Connect to Satellite. This is super frustrating, and I'd rather not do a hard reset, or revert to my last backup if I'm simply missing a setting somewhere.

    Bing Audio:

    Flat out doesn't work. Has never, and can never recognize a song. I've even tried it in a slient room, with a pure digital download of a song I got off of zune marketplace.

    Anyone experience these problems? Could this have to do with forcing the update?

    Thanks in Advance,
  2. M_D_Kaiser's Avatar

    14 Posts
    Hey, I can't say anything to NoDo, since I've just gotten my phone and updated to Mango right away, but Bing Maps just took me about 10-15 seconds to find a short route. On a short drive it kept losing the signal, but found it again after a while. Pretty useless compared to my gf's TomTom on her iPhone (never lost the connection).

    Bing Music seems to work fine for me; the song needs to have a certain volume, but it found the 3 songs I've tried it with pretty quickly.

    Using a LG E900
  3. welsbloke's Avatar

    252 Posts
    Has your phone updated via your provider or have you updated yourself. The reason I ask is the providers have been supplying additional firmware updates which have resolved some of the issues or at least similar issues to the ones you describe.

    I know that my phone (Samsung Omnia 7) which is unbranded is missing some firmware updates and that these updates improve some of the functionality and performance of the phone. The compass was one thing that sticks in my mind with regards the Omnia.
  4. petercip's Avatar

    14 Posts
    Thanks for the Quick replies!

    I can tell you that I updated it myself, by using the unplug from the internet trick when searching for the update. I'm not sure if that alleviates the carrier updates or not.. I'd have to guess that if some focuses were getting the update, mine should have too?

    Any checks I can do?

  5. Winterfang's Avatar

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    I forced the update using the zune trick but Bing Audio works just fine. Have you tried soft reseting the phone? Just turning it off.
  6. Rico's Avatar

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    Official AT&T update, Focus user here. Navigation seems to have more issues than Maps did in Nodo connecting to satellites, but it works, silly "tap for directions" and all. Similarly, Bing Music works pretty well, though not nearly as well as Shazam. Shazam can identify a song with a good deal of background noise. It's kinda scary sometimes. The downside is that by time you launch the app, you've already wasted a good ten or more seconds. On the other hand, Bing Music loads fast, but again, isn't as sensitive nor does it recognize as many songs. It's kinda six of one, half a dozen of another.
  7. jimski's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterCip View Post
    Thanks for the Quick replies!

    I can tell you that I updated it myself, by using the unplug from the internet trick when searching for the update. I'm not sure if that alleviates the carrier updates or not.. I'd have to guess that if some focuses were getting the update, mine should have too?

    Any checks I can do?


    You would have gotten more than one update when you updated to Mango. Basically going through the 10 step update process twice. I had Mango beta on my phone when I updated, so it ws three updates for me that day; beta cleanup, Mango and Firmware update.

    Have you plugged in to Zune lately to check for updates. Ultimately, a hard reset might be necessary. It really not that bad and it's nice having a clean and fresh device, at least for a while.

    Sent from my HTC Surround using Board Express
  8. petercip's Avatar

    14 Posts
    Hey Guys,
    Here are the responses to everything I think was asked:

    1. I went through 3 forced updates on Launch day, through all the itterations.
    2. Phones been turned off hundreds of times since then.
    3. Music actually recognized a bunch of older songs at high volume, but missed a lot of new stuff.

    4. There are no updates in Zune available for my phone currently
    5. Every time I tap the screen, I get "cannot connect to satellite, regardless of whether i'm indoors or out. Since when does my phone talk to a satellite anyhow? I'm starting to think that bing maps is straight up broken on my phone. My wife will likely be getting a Focus S on its launch, I suppose I can compare to that.

    Any other ideas? anyone else having the same issue?


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