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View Poll Results: What other mobile OS did you previously (or currently) use?

65. You may not vote on this poll
  • Android OS (Google)

    27 41.54%
  • iOS (Apple)

    24 36.92%
  • Blackberry OS (Research in Motion)

    21 32.31%
  • webOS (Palm/HP)

    13 20.00%
  • Windows Mobile (previous Microsoft)

    16 24.62%
  • Symbian

    6 9.23%
  • Other (please list/indicate)

    7 10.77%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. CHIP72's Avatar

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    With all the threads on here of people talking about their past mobile OS experiences and comparing them to the WP OS, and also people on other mobile OS asking about WP OS before making the jump, I figured it would be interesting and informative to set up a poll in which WP users could indicate which mobile OS they used before coming to (or in some cases, like me, adding) the Windows Phone OS. You can provide comments about your likes/dislikes or perceived strengths/weaknesses of WP OS relative to your original/other "native" mobile OS, but those aren't necessary. I just want to get a sense of where everybody "came from" when they joined the Windows Phone tribe.

    Incidentally, with me personally, I came from (and still use) Android OS. However, despite a few minor weaknesses, I'm finding that after owning a WP OS smartphone (HTC Trophy) for about 2 weeks that I really prefer the Windows Phone OS. I can't wait until some key apps (Pandora, NFL Mobile, free version of MLB At-Bat) and some higher end WP smartphones on Verizon start coming out!

    Other notable devices:
    Windows laptops: Asus VivoBook X202E (Windows 8), HP Pavilion g4-1215dx (Windows 7)
    Chromebooks: Samsung Chromebook XE303
  2. jdevenberg's Avatar

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    My past OS's include Palm OS (Treo 755p not webOS), Blackberry OS 4 or 5 (don't remember which), Sidekick OS (that was smartphone-ish), Windows Mobile (version previous to 6.5), Android (original Droid, MyTouch 4G), and currently Windows Phone (Titan) and iOS (iPod Touch and wife's iPad)
  3. palandri's Avatar
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    Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian^3
    Check out the great deals on Windows Phone Accessories: http://store.wpcentral.com
  4. mYth's Avatar

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    I voted for everything on that list except symbian and other haha.
    Current: iPhone 4S
    Past: [Palm] Pre 2, Pre+ - [iPhone] White 3GS 16gb, Black 3G 8gb - [Blackberry] Torch 9800, Onyx 9700, Bold 9000, Pearl 8120 - [Android] HTC Aria - [WM] HTC Fuze, HTC HD7S

  5. SolunaKitty's Avatar

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    WP7 is my first mobile OS~
  6. tmotytn's Avatar

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    PalmOS is missing from the list...

    I, too, have used them all...even had my sim in a Symbian for a few hours a couple of times...
  7. mYth's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmotytn View Post
    PalmOS is missing from the list...
    Thats what the other is for :)
    Can't make the list too big haha.
    Current: iPhone 4S
    Past: [Palm] Pre 2, Pre+ - [iPhone] White 3GS 16gb, Black 3G 8gb - [Blackberry] Torch 9800, Onyx 9700, Bold 9000, Pearl 8120 - [Android] HTC Aria - [WM] HTC Fuze, HTC HD7S

  8. Ba11ers's Avatar

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    WM5 to BB OS to iOS to iOS to WP7

  9. scottcraft's Avatar
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    My first smartphone was android. I got my wife an iPhone when it was released on Verizon, and I took a chance on the HTC trophy when I was eligible for an upgrade.

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  10. DontHate707's Avatar

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    Good poll my first smart phone was a palm pre then after I had a upgrade available I got the arrive and I love it oh so much <3
  11. esquiree's Avatar

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    I have been symbian user for long time. But Symbian is over now. 2012 will be WP year i think
  12. Pronk's Avatar

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    My route was iPhone 3G > iPhone 4 > Sony Ericsson X10 mini >Palm Pre 2 > HTC Mozart > Lumia 800

    I still use iOS pretty much every day as I have an iPad and my one and only reason for selling my iPhone 4 was cost (as in it was worth a lot of money and I couldn't justify owning it when other similarly capable smartphones were much cheaper), but I'd never use Android again. The experience on the X10 mini was horrible. I'd probably have considered Palm again, but I just didn't like the hardware on the Pre 2.

    Now I have the Lumia I'm happy for now because it's a great phone with a great OS, but whether I stick with Windows Phone will depend on three things: what MS do with regard to WP8, how upgradeable the Lumia is to whatever follows WP7, and what the iPhone 5 is like.
  13. Wiccan Lagar's Avatar

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    My first smart phone was a Blackberry World Edition 8830 then I went and got the droid 1 when it came out. Then when that got out of hand I got a palm pre 2. Now I jumped again to WP7 and I must admit I love it.

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  14. jleebiker's Avatar

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    I still have a BB on Vzw and testing an HTC Trophy. Will be upgrading to whatever new WP phone is announced on Vzw after CES.
  15. wolf1891's Avatar

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    I was using an LG Versa (feature phone) before I made the (BIG) jump to WP.
  16. #16  
    The Focus is my first smart phone.
  17. #17  
    First smartphone OS would be windows mobile 5.0

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  18. gearhead05's Avatar

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    I was using an original Pre with webos on Sprint
  19. nomoore's Avatar

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    BB -> Symbian^3 -> Android 2.3 -> WP7.5

    My first mobile OS was BlackBerry 4.5. Then my wife got a Symbian^3 phone. She loves it but curses it occasionally. I hate it. It feels archaic, kinda like when I have to work on OS/2 warp. Then I got an Android Gingerbread Tablet and decided it is too unstable to have it on my phone. When it was time for me to upgrade my BB a few weeks ago it was either stick with BB or try WP7 (no iPhone on T-Mobile).

    I am normally a MS hater but I read and YouTubed so much good stuff about WP7 I decided to give it a chance. I hunted down a store that had a Radar 4G so I could try it out some. I immediately fell in love. So I bought one.

    I recently played with a co-worker's iPhone and boy am I glad I have a Mango instead of an Apple. iOS is sooooooo boring. It's amazing that iOS is so popular considering how boring it looks. You unlock your phone and all that's there is a slab of icons. No widgets, live-tiles, or anything else. Just plain, old fashioned icons. It's so bland. My BB had a better home screen. At least it could show me calendar stuff at a glance.
  20. marcojavier's Avatar

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    Symbian S60 -> BB OS 6 -> WP 7.5

    BlackBerry sucks.. had it for all of 7 months before the bugs annoyed me too much. Couldn't get rid of it any quicker!!
  21. Judge_Daniel's Avatar

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    iOS>BB OS>WinMo>WP7 Weird evolution, huh? I didn't keep the BB for very long. I thought I'd text a lot, but it was just so blegh. I wanted the customizability of WinMo, but now I just want it to work, like WP7.

    Carrier: Verizon Wireless
    Phones: HTC 8X & HTC Trophy & Samsung Focus
    PC:Dell Studio XPS 1640

    My app: Plant Guide

    Spitfire 4.0, my HTC Imagio, rest in peace.
  22. 1jaxstate1's Avatar

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    Traded iPhone 4 for Focus via craigslist. Went down in history as the best trade ever, right after the Dallas' Herschel Walker trade.
    Goodbye Dooley! You will NOT be missed!:@
    Bring back the WeeeeeBeeeeaaarrrr
  23. jfa1's Avatar

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    Palm IIIC pocket pc HP Journada 567 Tro 600 Treo 650 Treo 750 Treo Pro HTC Pure HTC Tilt 2 Focus
    Your smartphone is only as smart as YOU let it be!
  24. jeremyshaw's Avatar

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    Had an old Palm (handspring? iirc), but I don't count that.

    Otherwise, WinMo 6.1/6.5 (energy cooked rom for Topaz?)-->HTC Aria, Inspire, Moto Atrix, Galaxy SII (real version, not the USA groped ones), then Focus, Focus S, Titan, iPhone 4S.

    Of those, I still use the iPhone 4S and Titan. Occasionally glance at Focus, as I consider selling it, and Atrix, as I also consider selling it. Others, I don't have (or given away).
  25. gghhjjff's Avatar

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    Only use focus .
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