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    Ok, guys, I'm wondering if there are more people out there that have horrible at&t date speeds. I have a Titan that uses HSPA+ connection for lame speeds att calls 4g somehow. I live in a Tampa, FL area and have yet to see the connection avg over 1mbs(usually its 0.8-0.9mbs it seems), whether home or at work or elsewhere, even Orlando. I used to have sprint before and I think it pushed out same speeds on 3g with no problems. What gives? Bad area? Bad phone? Is anyone from around this area who can share their results?
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    I live in the Orlando area and haven't had the best service in the area. I bought a microcell for my house to try to get by. I had to go to TN to visit my folks and had no service in the entire town. Meanwhile my family had full bars on Verizon. I decided to jump back to Verizon that trip... haha.
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    Back in May-June 2011 I had an HTC Inspire and I was getting between 3Mbps and 6.5Mbps in most areas. Towards the end of the year things went downhill. My speeds averaged 1Mbps, sometimes going as low as 70Kbps. When I got the HTC TITAN late in December 2011 nothing changed regarding the speeds. In the early morning I noticed that the speeds are somewhat higher then thy drop dramatically around noon.
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    A little north of Orlando and I never see speeds greater than 1.6Mbps, averaging about 1.2Mbps with AT&T. That's why I use my WiFi (home & work) 4.5 to 7.0Mbps signals instead. Frustrating, as I have a grandfathered unlimited plan and only average 200MB/month.

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    At work we're blanketed in 3G. I hit 1.1 using the Bandwidth app. At home I'm in-between 3G and HSPA+. I hit 2.9. Not bad, not awesome either.
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    Been trying AT&T for 30 days and comparing against Verizon. The Focus S seldom beats the slower Trophy.
    It hasn't been slower, but I'm underwhelmed by hspa+.
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    I have an HTC Titan, which I bought on Black Friday. For the first sixty days I was getting anywhere between 1.2 - 1.7 Mbps. Since about two weeks ago, I have consistently been getting 3.5 - 5.0 Mbps. I live in the Twin Cities area. I am wondering if enhanced backhaul was recently rolled out. Something happened to really improve the speeds. I took the speeds with the bandwidth app from dozens of locations in the Twin Cities area.

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