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    Steam Mobile was recently released on Android and iOS but no mention of a Windows Phone 7 app has been talked about. I've emailed Valve/Steam Support multiple times over the last few weeks with absolutely no response from support.

    If anyone else wants this app on WP7, I encourage you to do the same. Additionally, for anyone interested, I'm considering starting an online petition to show them how many people are interested...that is if people are!
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    I'm not interested but I'll gladly sign the petition if it means we are getting close to get more important apps. Sign me up.
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    Yeah I want it... I like the idea of it. The current non valve supported app is limited... but it is ok.
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    Don't expect an answer to your emails... Imho... Their CS sucks. (No pun intended).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winterfang View Post
    I'm not interested but I'll gladly sign the petition if it means we are getting close to get more important apps. Sign me up.
    And this is exactly what you should NOT do let alone say in public. If I were Valve I couldn't care less about the opinion of someone who is not interested. Your post undermines the whole idea of a petition and even if they fall in the "trap" and release an app that does not meet their expectations they would be disappointed by WP and never think to release anything again.

    Oh BTW I am interested. I mean really. Yesterday I saw the app for Android. It is quite buggy at this stage but it is incredibly feature rich. I hope we will have it too some day.

    Gabe should respect his roots (he is an ex-softie and worked on the first versions of Windows before founding Valve)
    Furthermore, I think apps must be able to override the search button with contextual search.
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    They aren't playing any games on it because it isn't possible. Other than using it to buy games on Steam and chatting, I see no need.
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    This be very cool idea
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    If having it means I can play a mobile L4D or something, heck yeah! lol
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    Yes, why not, the more apps we have - the better it gets!
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