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    Hi Guys, today i found something unusual, i was browsing internet on my HTC trophy. i tapped on windows button to exit when i was done and i was brought to Home screen with Keypad on top see screen photo.it stayed long enough i could take picture of it.. i couldn't re-generate this. is it a bug?
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    Wow. That's pretty weird. It was definitely a glitch of some sort. Too bad you can't reproduce it, then MS would have a chance to fix it.
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    lol , kinda cool!

    maybe a hidden feature coming to let us edit txt in live tiles ;) lol

    naah its for sure a bug!
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    Looks pretty cool lol. Hope it doesn't happen again.
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    Actually, sending it to MS, and especially HTC, may still be helpful. A hardware malfunction is more likely than a software ''bug''.

    I suspected a phototrick at first, but I do note a reflection that seems to flow from the top half to the bottom. Not that this eliminates the posssibility of this being a real good trick. ;)
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    On one of my Android phones I could easily reproduce exactly that bug! Never happened on my WP though.

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