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    This has happened many times.

    Any email sent to me from a hotmail account, that I reply to from my phone will turn the initial email (what i`m replying to) into Chinese.

    IN the sample, i got an email regarding plumbing, and other things about my house. I replied to it. My reply is in plain english, but the first message is all Chinese.

    What would cause this? It`s becoming quite annoying.


    From: Me
    Sent: 28/02/2012 11:34 AM
    To: Someone
    Subject: RE: furnace
    格浴㹬਍格慥㹤਍猼祴敬㰾ⴡഭ⸊浨敭獳条⁥൐笊਍慭杲湩〺硰഻瀊摡楤杮〺硰਍ൽ戊摯⹹浨敭獳条൥笊਍潦瑮猭 穩㩥ㄠ瀰㭴਍潦瑮昭浡汩㩹慔潨慭਍ൽⴊ㸭⼼瑳汹㹥⼼敨摡ാ㰊潢祤挠慬獳✽浨敭獳条❥㰾楤⁶楤㵲氧牴㸧਍祒湡 㰬牢㰾牢匾牥慩畮扭牥漠敲散灩⁴慷⁳業獳湩⁧桴瑡渠浵敢Ⱳ栠摡琠敢愠汢⁥潴猠敥琠敨琠⁶慴⁧桷捩⁨⁉ 慣⹮渦獢㭰䌠污敬⁤湩愠摮琠敨⁹慳⁹桴⁥癴瀠牵档獡⁥慤整搠敯湳琧氠湩⁥灵眠瑩⁨桴楥⁲敲潣摲⁳潳渠睯䤠栠 癡⁥潴映硡琠敨爠捥楥瑰愠摮挠污桴浥戠捡湩㈠搠祡⁳潦⁲桴⁥敮瑸猠整⹰戼㹲戼㹲戼㹲戼㹲搼癩㰾楤⁶摩∽ 歓䑹楲敶汐捡桥汯敤≲㰾搯癩㰾牨椠㵤猢潴印数汬湩≧䘾潲㩭爠慹彮整湲敩䁲潨浴楡⹬潣㱭牢吾㩯愠整湲敩䁲潨浴 楡⹬潣㱭牢匾扵敪瑣䕒畦湲捡㱥牢䐾瑡㩥吠敵‬㠲䘠扥㈠㄰′㜰㐺㨸㤰ⴠ㠰〰戼㹲戼㹲਍਍洼瑥⁡瑨灴攭畱癩 ∽潃瑮湥⵴祔数潣瑮湥㵴琢硥⽴瑨汭※档牡敳㵴湵捩摯≥ാ㰊敭慴渠浡㵥䜢湥牥瑡牯潣瑮湥㵴䴢捩潲潳瑦匠晡 䡥䵔≌ാ㰊瑳汹㹥਍䔮瑸牥慮䍬慬獳⸠捥桸浭獥慳敧倠਍灻摡楤杮〺硰紻਍䔮瑸牥慮䍬慬獳戠摯⹹捥桸浭獥慳敧਍ 晻湯⵴楳敺ㄺ瀰㭴潦瑮昭浡汩㩹慔潨慭紻਍਍⼼瑳汹㹥਍搼癩搠物∽瑬≲ാ䠊祥䄠杮汥ⱡ搼癩㰾牢㰾搯癩㰾楤㹶桔 ⁥敳楲污渠浵敢⁲獩洠獩楳杮愠氠瑥整⁲瑡琠敨攠摮‬瑩猠潨汵⁤敢⨠⨪㐴堵眠敨敲堠椠⁳⁡敬瑴牥㰮搯癩㰾楤㹶 戼㹲⼼楤㹶搼癩䤾挠湡潮⁴桰湯⁥獡琠敨⁹敮摥礠畯琠瑳湡⁤湩牦湯⁴景琠敨吠⁖潴搠⁡楰瑣牵⁥整瑳眠楨敬 漠桴⁥桰湯⁥楷桴琠敨㱭搯癩㰾楤㹶戼㹲⼼楤㹶搼癩吾敨琠慲獮捡楴湯⌠椠⁳ㄲ‱㤱㌰〵⼼楤㹶搼癩㰾牢㰾搯 癩㰾楤㹶汁潳‬瑩猠敥獭琠敨瀠潲畤瑣挠摯⁥䉐⨪‪獩眠潲杮愠⁳桴祥搠湯琧栠癡⁥湡⁹䉐瀠潲畤瑣㽳䤠氧牴⁹ 楧楶杮䄠

    This pretty much tranlates to:

    Subject: RE: furnace cell bath
    㹬਍ grid to unfeigned㹤਍ Pogai King㰾ჱ ഭ ⸊ Lan Right angry dog Article ⁥ ൐ strainer ਍ the wrongful Gao Breast - feeding 〺 Sha ഻ Pan account setting Aralia Fei 〺 Sha ਍ ൽ E Zhi ⹹ Lan Right angry dog articles ൥ strainer ਍ flooded Li primate stability㩥ㄠ Mi㭴਍ flooded Li Zhao gushing confused㩹Mu Zong additionally ਍ ൽ ლ㸭⼼ luster of gems tumultuous㹥Tou ⼼ account setting ാ㰊Huang Yu scratch Create an account angry dog ✽ Lan Right angry dog ❥㰾Aralia ⁶ the Aralia㵲oxygen contravene㸧਍ Tiaoyu㰬prison㰾prison plaque Fang the Lian  Muniufangmo  knock loose Yan the ⁴ generous ⁳ industry angry dog Breast - feeding ⁧ Fushiqutong dare Ⱳ Ren account setting Tian  dare resentment the Tu ⁥ retention Ceon the ⁶ deterrence of Yantiantoutian ⁧ Jue the transition ⁨⁉ the inertia ⹮ vortex Xiao㭰䌠the sewage King ⁤ Dongyunqiaotian Tou ⁹ saving ⁹ rafter ⁥ the Luanyingqiandang the Xi ⁥ Harcourt Zhengshuominnan Eshen Breast - feeding ⁥ spiritual sleep Ying ⁨ the rafter楥⁲ knock Mincan ⁳ Tu Drainage pine䤠Ren the crazy ⁥ retention Ying Hong Tiantoujuwan楥Guiyunaonao sewage  rafter wet Zhi to pick the  Breast - feeding (i) daub the Chai ⁳ flooded ⁲ rafter ⁥ Xia Binceon whole ⹰ Mao㹲Mao㹲Mao㹲Mao㹲Quan leprosy㰾Aralia ⁶ Mount ∽ Huan䑹the Weizhen tidal Jianqiaohongke ≲㰾dig the leprosy㰾Gangqian㵤Hu retention print run of Jing Breast - feeding ≧䘾pigwash㩭Ju Zheyong to the whole outrush the Xiao䁲Cong bathing Yu ⹬ the the the Min㱭prison I㩯Yunzhengyuanxiao䁲Cong bathing Yu ⹬ the the Min㱭prison Yuduo plaque petty>䕒> plot torrential pick㱥the prison䐾Shi the㩥bark enemy Alto, the ‬㠲䘠, the (i) ㄰ 'Wen ⁡ - jin of㜰㐺㨸㤰ჰ㠰〰 Mao㹲Mao㹲਍਍ depression Hongli leave the the leprosy ∽ Address Litu ⵴ worship ancestors number Min Li to Tu㵴cut to Bang ⽴ - jin Rui ※ file the Mu the Ai㵴You ≥ transition Zhi ാ㰊Right the deterrence Drainage the gushing㵥䜢Tufang the, the Shi revolves Min Litu㵴the䴢transition pigwash Tu Wu Carpenter Asr䡥䵔≌ ാ㰊luster of gems the the tumultuous㹥਍䔮Binfang consider䍬Create an account angry dog ⸠ Wanxi Gengjiaoqianqi the the the Sui ਍ Chixisongbei 〺 the Shayang ਍䔮Bin Fang consider䍬Qinruzhizhi ⹹ Wan the Xi Gengjiaoqianji ਍ dark soup ⵴ of Mei drive ㄺ the Mi㭴Laolizhaobo confused㩹Mucongyinyang ਍ ਍ ⼼ the Quan leprosy, the Liu ≲ ാ,䠊the Cheung䄠Beizhi ⱡ㰾prison㰾dig scabies the㰾Aralia㹶orange ⁥ Aiwei sewage drainage Tong dare ⁲ Huimou Hui Mei Fei bland Shenwen whole ⁲ Quanlaishuowu ∽, the luster of gems tumultuous㹥਍ Shi Tian Tou Mi the the Ao ‬ Ying Ceoncong Han ⁤ dare ⨠ ⨪㐴blocking sleep Tou knock the Baihe maps ⁳ ⁡ King Juefang㰮dig the leprosy㰾the Aralia㹶Mao㹲⼼ Aralia㹶the the the Quan scratching scabies䤾, Yu tide ⁴ the to Kuo soup ⁥ Xi Tiantou ⁹ Xiatangcijun the the Tian  luster of gems Yu ⁤ Breast - feeding the Yak Tang ⁴ Jingtiantoufei ⁖ retention daub  ⁡ Yu Suo to pull ⁥ Zhengcuomianzhen King desert  the rafter ⁥ the Kuo Tang ⁥, Kai rafter Tiantou㱭dig leprosy㰾Aralia㹶Mao㹲⼼ Aralia㹶Quan scabies I Tou Tian Man Xian pick Di Tang ⌠ maps ⁳ ㄲ ‱㤱 ㌰ 〵 ⼼ Aralia㹶Quan leprosy㰾prison㰾dig leprosy㰾Aralia㹶juice Tu ‬ Ying Ceon Yan otter Tian Tou Ying pigwash Zhi Suo scratch Zhi ⁥ the䉐⨪ ‪ Hui Mian pigwash Fei bland the rafter Eren the crazy ⁥ Yu Xiang Shuo Tang, ⁳ the ⁹䉐Yingshaoshisuo㽳䤠oxygen  contravene ⁹ Yang Jiefei䄠
  2. palandri's Avatar
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    Looks like the Hotmail server has been hacked and/or infected with a virus. Just a guess.
  3. rternier's Avatar

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    This has been hapening for the past 3-5 emails spanning a few weeks. Oddly enough it only happens when replying to emails my ex sends me, so maybe it grew a sense of humour?

    Even so, it's quite annoying.
  4. anodynamic's Avatar

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    Could be that the text is already in the mail, and the visible part gets filtered out and the hidden Chinese shows up when you reply.

    Just a hunch, though, but I think changing account passwords would be a good idea, as well as telling the ex to run a virus scan.
  5. #5  
    ive been having the same problem for the past few months and with more than just one person.
    its VERY strange!

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