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    My wife and I got matching HTC 7 Pros. I look at mine all the time during the day, so I don't care that notifications of unread texts or un-listened-to voicemails are visual, not audio. However, my wife leaves her phone in her bag all day unless she happens to need to make a call or send a text. With her previous phone, we could set it so that it would beep every X minutes if she had a voicemail or text she hadn't viewed. With Windows Phone 7.5, though, I can find settings to play a sound when a voicemail or text first comes in, but I can't find a way to make that sound reoccur every X minutes until the voicemail or text is viewed. Is there any way to do this, either with settings or third-party apps?
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    This is something my wife liked about the android but this feature is not in the current version of WP maybe an idea for App maybe?
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    well MS has a suggestion app for WP7 and a web site to vote on submitted suggestion for future updates make a suggestion and and maybe it might be in the next or next after update.

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