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    WinPhan VIP Rewards Program Update:
    We are proud to announce the launching of the WinPhan VIP Rewards Program, designed to reward hard working WinPhan like you, for promoting our wonderful Windows Phone.

    Learn more about the WinPhan VIP Rewards Program:
    Wall Photos | Facebook

    What: WinPhan is a campaign that WP enthusiasts have created to better promote our wonderful OS that Windows Phone has bestowed upon us and to show that WP has Fanboys and Fangirls too! There are Fandroids and iFans, but they do NOT compare to a WinPhan!
    Why: True fans of any product sold, are integral in the success of that item. Most of us rely on referrals in one way or another, from friends to reviews we read. With the WinPhan Campaign we are attempting to give the power of our approval and referral as everyday users of the WP platform to other everyday Android and iPhone owners, using some simple but effective tools.
    We have initiated a WinPhan Campaign with Twibbon for you to show your support for the WinPhan Movement and Windows Phone with your choice of WinPhan logos that can conveniently be placed over your existing Facebook and Twitter profile pics. They have transparent backgrounds, can be scaled, and moved. This allows you to keep your normal pic and show your WinPhan love all at once. We're all utilizing one of the social networks, so why not show how much you appreciate, trust, and love your WP! You can bet Fandroid and iFan communities would do this in a heart beat if called upon. Let's show the wireless world WP has the same support from it's dynamic community!
    Like any group, we are utilizing the social networks to try and spread the word. Currently we have established an "I'm a proud WinPhan" Community Facebook Page, where all are free to upload their WinPhan multimedia and post their thoughts to the page. We want everybody to feel like they can participate and bring their own WinPhan to the movement. Like WP, which is structured but allows for personalizing, the WinPhan Campaign has a particular direction but loves everybody's customized WinPhan feelings and expressions! We post to our wall daily with WinPhan art, ideas, experiences, and other goodies. Do you want to be a total WinPhan? Make your phone's ringtone the Nokia Amazing Everyday song for all to enjoy? Well you can get it on our page too. In addition, you can follow along on Twitter for daily WinPhan tweets and pics by following @WinPhan7, the official WinPhan Twitter. We received an endorsement of approval from @BenThePCGuy with a personal tweet from him bringing attention to us a growing and good WP community resource!
    In addition to the ways to express your WP love and follow along via Facebook and Twitter, we have created a WinPhan Windows Live Account with a WinPhan Group, Public WinPhan SkyDrive, and a WinPhan Calendar. Our Calendar has personal events like WP meet-ups, device launch dates, and other WinPhan info. Our Public WinPhan SkyDrive allows us ALL to share and store WinPhan multimedia for all to view, tag, caption, and download for personal use(profile pics, screensavers, ringtones, etc.). You will be part of the WinPhan Group mailing in which all members can utilize to contact each other. This includes Messenger.
    We have lots more in store for the coming weeks for our devoted and loyal WinPhan's. We are currently exploring a WinPhan app and a WinPhan Podcast, as well as working on a WinPhan web-site to add to the WinPhan portfolio! Please give us a hand in giving WP users a community recognized identity, something we can all turn to one another and say hey WinPhan, love that device. A way that we actually CAN help in the success of WP in these early but impressionable stages! We are all aware of how customer service views WP at most carriers and we have all experienced that moment where we were the only WP owner around. Let's bridge that gap! Are you a WinPhan?!
    There is no money involved, only time and effort by the small staff of WinPhan. We all love this project and only want to see it gain traction! WinPhan is solely about the success of Windows Phone, no more, no less! Thank you so much WPCentral for your support in this project as well! We genuinely appreciate your forum space! I know you guys are WinPhans too!

    So from us at WinPhan,
    Thank you so much for your support!

    Here's How You Can Participate Too!
    WinPhan Twibbon Campaign:
    Windows+Phone+Fan+7=WinPhan7 - Support now! -
    I'm a proud WinPhan FB Page:
    I'm a proud WinPhan | Facebook
    Windows Live WinPhan Group:!/WinPhan
    You are always welcome to shoot us an email as well!

    Last edited by WinPhan7; 05-03-2012 at 01:12 PM. Reason: New Program Annuonced!!! :)
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  2. AndreaCristiano's Avatar

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    Once I receive the lumia. I will evaluate windows phone and determine if I'm a true winphan
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  3. WinPhan7's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndreaCristiano View Post
    Once I receive the lumia. I will evaluate windows phone and determine if I'm a true winphan
    Objectivity, that puts you a step closer to being a WinPhan! An open minded comsumer is a smart consumer and inevitably a happy consumer! Congrats on the decision to get a Lumia. I'm next... ;)
  4. mdrapps's Avatar

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    Great idea. Marketing needs all the help it can get, which is sad.

    One suggestion is that you need a better logo. Something that illustrates a phone + windows + fan. People are too dumb to put together Windows+Phone+Fan=WinPhan, and they need pretty pictures to help.
  5. WinPhan7's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdrapps View Post
    Great idea. Marketing needs all the help it can get, which is sad.

    One suggestion is that you need a better logo. Something that illustrates a phone + windows + fan. People are too dumb to put together Windows+Phone+Fan=WinPhan, and they need pretty pictures to help.
    I want to thank you for your input and to let you know you've been heard! Its a FANTASTIC point and something that we have begun to address immediately. I encourage you to take part too! If you have any ideas, please email me and let me know what your thoughts are. First and foremost, WinPhan is a community project and thrives on feedback as we become more effective. Thanks again for your input!
    Team WinPhan
  6. jleebiker's Avatar

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    I'm already doing this on my own with a demo Trophy unit. :-) Happy to add to the cause!
  7. baseballbert's Avatar

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    Sent you guys a note about potential articles!

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