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  • 1 Post By Rjmcinnis
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    Ok so I bought the new Nokia 900. Biggest issue I have so far (not counting no data):

    I have a large iPhoto library. It's currently 115GB in iPhoto. iTunes compresses it to 12GB for my iPhone. That's fine on 64GB iPhone, but not 16GB 900. (I knew this going in, not an *****...) I'm ok if they are not directly on the phone, as long as I have access to them from the phone.

    So I was hoping to basically import pics to my 900, then after compression, move them to Skydrive. I am not seeing a way to move large numbers of pics at the same time, i.e., entire events. I do NOT want to manually move 13K+ pics 1 at a time... I also obviously need to compress similar to the way iTunes does so that I can fit them all on Skydrive.

    Anyone know a easier way to do this, either my entire library or at least by folders?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. ousooner314's Avatar

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    If you have the pictures in your iTunes library, you could just directly upload them to SkyDrive through your computer. The upload tool on the browser allows you to select multiple files at a time. The only thing I'm not sure about is if skydrive compresses pictures (and if so, how much). Maybe someone else can clarify that part. Hope this helps, and welcome aboard!
  3. havox22's Avatar

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    go to click then photos> then click new folder, name it what you want. From there click add files, selected the files you want press ctrl+a to select all if you want all of them, then press open, from there it should start to upload all of the pictures.

    NOTE: you might need silverlight installed on your PC to upload multiple files

    ALSO:It is very important that you are in the photos section on sky drive when you start to upload your pictures or else the pictures/folder will not show up in your picture hub

    ALSO: make sure the pics are in a folder

    I linked a pic that might help, try doing one or two pics then checking your phone to make sure you are doing it right before doing them all ..good luck

    Last edited by havox22; 04-13-2012 at 06:54 AM.
  4. Rjmcinnis's Avatar

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    Thanks guys for the help!

    A quick look seems like it will work basically how I want.

    The resize is static, so I will have to try a few folders and compare the size to see if they will all fit.

    I'm getting a new ISP with 10M (from 1.5M) upload on monday, so perfect timing to upload so much...

    Again, I appreciate the assistance!
  5. firepromaster's Avatar

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    Hi, someone recommended SDexplorer for me. It works quite well in uploading entire folders and unsupported file types that is normally impossible through the SkyDrive site. Try it or try methods already listed.
  6. Rjmcinnis's Avatar

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    I guess I spoke too soon... Using the web interface, I can only move about 30 files at a time... That is not going to work for 12000+ pics.

    The SDExplorer program appears to be Windows only, and I use Macs, so that won't work either...

    I hope someone else has an idea or can tell me what I am doing wrong in the web interface?

    I'm thinking that since each pic ends up being about 850K, that maybe it's limited to 25Mb at a time on upload? Sort of how yahoo limits e-mail size to 25Mb...
  7. firepromaster's Avatar

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    Don't quote me, but I believe file size limit is 200mb. And Microsoft is considering upping it. If not upload pics to Facebook? It will show up in your pics hub lightning fast. Not sure what else to recommend.
  8. Rjmcinnis's Avatar

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    Ok, I figured it out...

    The problem was some incompatability between OSX Safari and Skydrive. I tried using Chrome and it works fine!

    I can upload up to 1000 pics at a time, so not sure if there is a size limit too. Since I only care about being able to view on my phone, I checked the resize button, and they upload small and leave plenty of space.
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  9. Fleon's Avatar

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    Ok- have to chime in here. I love skydrive for just this purpose. I have 42,000 photos on a family shared account. All of us can get to all those photos any time. No syncing. No waiting (on LTE, at least :) ) It's seamless and beautiful.

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