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    Wha are you guys using for video chat? Skype? Live Messenger?
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    Tango seems to be the best option. At least that I have found...

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    I didn't even know you could video chat w/ Live Messenger.

    Guess I'd have to use it, to know that. I knew you could on a PC though.
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    I didn't know either

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    seriously? WLM is how I've been able to stick it to the man on txt messaging. That was until I got Straight Talk...now its unlimited so I dont care...but 200 txts for $5 was highway robbery before.
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    So, what's the procedure on video chat with wlm?

    I've been using Tango; that's to say, the 10 minutes I messed around with video chat I used Tango. It's something I almost never do.

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