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  1. ScubaSteve1219's Avatar

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    my phone just stopped turning on. it sometimes turns itself on occasionally, but never gets passed the "Samsung" screen. any suggestions, of like a hard reset or something? nothing seems to work.

    i'm using a Samsung Focus with Mango, by the way
  2. socialcarpet's Avatar

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    Try a battery pull first.

    Open the back, remove the battery for 5-10 seconds then re-insert it and try starting the phone again.

    A hard reset will erase your data, so I would not recommend that except as a last resort if your data is backed up.

    Here's how to do a hard reset on your Focus, if it comes to that:


    1. Press and hold the Camera, Volume Down, and Power buttons simultaneously.
    2. Release Power when the phone vibrates, but continue to hold down Camera and Volume Down.
    3. Release Camera and Volume Down when the format prompt is displayed on screen.
    4. Press Windows key.
    5. Press Windows key again to confirm the hard reset.
  3. canesfan625's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScubaSteve1219 View Post
    my phone just stopped turning on. it sometimes turns itself on occasionally, but never gets passed the "Samsung" screen. any suggestions, of like a hard reset or something? nothing seems to work.

    i'm using a Samsung Focus with Mango, by the way
    before you jump the gun and start resetting things can you clarify what you mean by never gets passed the samsung screen. Does it turn off or just sit there?
  4. DA DSGN's Avatar

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    I am having the same issue, any luck on this?
  5. selfcreation's Avatar
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    trouble shooting 101:

    - Did you guys drop water on your phone or Phone in water?
    - Did you drop the Phone on the ground? ( physical damage? )
    - Are you sure its not just your battery not charging? (make sure you plug it in a good 10min)
    - Check the USB connection (for charging) make sure its not broken ( plug n phone )
    - Did you try a different charger?
    - Did you recently Download an APP right before this started happening?
    - Did you remove or ADD a SD card?

    if you said yes to any of this go here: UH OH! I broke my phone!!:
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    battery could be bad too... it may show it charging, but wont actually hold a charge... try a different battery and see if that works as well.. that would be my first step
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  7. bernardjclark's Avatar

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    I had the same issue but now my phone is entirely dead.

    I didn't drop it or damage it in any way. One minute it was working fine, the next it started to turn itself off.

    Sometimes the power off screen would appear even though I hadn't pressed the power button, other times the phone would power off instead of timing-out and locking.

    For a while I could get it to power on if I was persistent enough (taking the battery out several times) then it would only power on as far as the Samsung logo before shutting off. Now: nada.

    I've tried all manner of different chargers and two different batteries.

    I can't perform any kind of reset because the phone won't turn on at all.
  8. SteelSteve's Avatar

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    Had similar problems not long ago with my 710. The only fix was to perform a hard reset, simply pulling the battery did not work. No problems since.
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    My phone suddenly came up with sad face :( I've turned it off then on no change and my battery is overheating i've only had my phone 2 months and its new so i don't know why its doing this also my phone is a huawei ascend w1 blue can you help me in any way.
  10. saha88's Avatar

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    Fantastic, it works well with my 920 phone. It is working fine now. I appreciate...
  11. Oterow's Avatar

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    I had the same thing happen to my Samsung Focus /Mango. Just up and died on my mid-call, tried different charges/batteries no go I recived the same results as the OP. Luckily this is when I decided to finally let WP7.5 go and move over to the WP8 world with my shiny new Lumia 920. Been a whole new world since.
  12. DBDev's Avatar

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    You could try a soft reset, hold down the power button down for 10 seconds.
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    my SAMSUNG Galaxy Grand Duos does not turn on or even charge after just playing a game with it. I'm really worried :(
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    Can I try this in my Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos?
  15. broar94's Avatar

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    What? Are you aware that youre in windows phone forum? As far as I know, Samsung galaxy duos is a android device..

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  16. gollum18's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jojelyn Bautista View Post
    Can I try this in my Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos?
    That would be an android device, try android central or xda.

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  17. kevinhall's Avatar

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    Please dear don't do anything with your phone if you don't know what do you going to do? Please visit customer service center. They can help to solve your problem.
  18. negative1ne's Avatar

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    I had a problem with my phone (WP 7.5 optimus),

    It froze when charging. Then all day it kept resetting over and over.

    Finally, I tried recharging it, and the battery wouldn't charge.

    I ended up buying a new battery, and am now seeing if that fixed the issue.
    It appears ok now. Even though I bought the phone new, it was actually
    old stock (2 years old), so the battery was probably discharging, and wasn't
    going to last long.

    The battery was pretty expensive (half the cost of the phone), but I might return it,
    and get a few back ups off amazon. The only problem is that those batteries might
    be old also. It's hard to tell.

    Getting a new battery is probably the first step.


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