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    Wired.com is running "vote" for most desired phone, so take time out to make Nokia 920 a winner. I think all Nokia haters but Windows phone lovers shall also vote for it.

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    Voted! And I agree, even if your choice is a Samsung or HTC model, we should consider this a platform vote, not a handset vote.
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    Lol, just yesterday Lumia had half the votes of iPhone 5. How the **** on earth did that change? :D
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    Voted Lumia 920!
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    Voted :)
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    Wow! Lumia at 45% and iPhone only 27% as of this morning. And from reading the comments it looks like there are plenty of iPhone defectors on the list.
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    Voted....How the **** anyone voted for the iPhone? A monkey can read that and see Lumia 920 wipes the floor with the Iphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stryfeno1 View Post
    Voted....How the **** anyone voted for the iPhone? A monkey can read that and see Lumia 920 wipes the floor with the Iphone.
    While monkeys can understand that the Lumia 920 is the better phone, I'm afraid you've overestimated the intelligence level of sheep.
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    I rather vote I think after I've had a chance to see all the sets live and in action. Though comparing the L920 does look the best. If the HD res is as good as we are hearing it could very well be a runaway in the end of it. I would much rather see the L920 L820 sell like crazy in China which would give added cash for Nokia so that they can keep designing state of the art devices... ok L920
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    iPhone 5 = 25% (6350 votes)
    Lumia 920 = 49% (12402 votes)


    OMG! Starting to look a little crazy! If that is anywhere close to reflecting reality, anyone with Nokia stock will be rich six months from now!!

    Keep it up ;)
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    Voted! This morning, actually...
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    Apple iPhone 5 23% (7040)
    Nokia Lumia 920 54% (16358)

    Looking good! :)

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