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    I was using my phone normally and it gave me some error that I didn't read because I though it was the usual (Not data etc... my carrier is terrible).

    But then my main tiles where all over the place and my groups gone, now I had to link all my contacts to their respective facebook and mail accounts.

    It's taking me forever, what can I do to avoid something like that again?
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    Make sure You use the same Name (Spelling and arrangement) on your Live/Outlook contact as on Facebook. Then they will link automatically. Groups there is no workaround for.. I think.

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    would restore from backup work in this case?
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    Stop badmouthing wp. Your phone is getting back at you
    ...When you judge someone you tell more about yourself than the person you are judging.
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    It sounds like you have a loose nut on your keyboard.

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