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    Hi 2 all.

    I don't know if it is me, my phone (lumia 800) or the search engine itself.
    But lately only 1 out of 5 song get noticed by WP7 and it takes a sh*t load of time till its done.

    Did anybody experience the same?
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    Yep. Sometimes it takes seconds. Sometimes it can take up to a minute. Sometimes it doesn't even find the song and I have to do a re-search.

    Nokia Lumia 900
    Goodbye Dooley! You will NOT be missed!:@
    Bring back the WeeeeeBeeeeaaarrrr
  3. kleineMax's Avatar

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    And I remember that it was much better in the past. I often use it to look up songs that are played in a series, this didn't worked the last couple times I tried it.

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