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    So my Titan just did something weird. It's been having a bit of a restarting issue (which I fixed by turning off location services) and it was fine for about a week. Then today it restarted again and I thought "please no!" and when it came back on it had a new wallpaper. One I've never seen before. It's a pohtakawa tree, a native New Zealand tree (that's my location) that islinked to xmas (the upcoming season?). The thing is, this isnt a Bing pic, and I have this image absolutely no where on my phone. I've never seen it before in my life.

    Anyone know what the **** is going on?

    EDIT: Upon further investigation, there are a bunch of new wallpapers in my Wallpapers folder (the stock one accessed through settings, not the ones I synced myself.
    Has anyone else gotten these free wallpapers?
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    You might be talking about the newer official wallpapers released by MS for the WP7:

    New Official Wallpapers for Windows Phone | Levi Freeman's blog
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    Only 5 of those 8 worked when I scanned the QR codes on there Tj. Annoyingly, both my favourites were among the 3 that didn't work...
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    Yup, those are the ones. No idea how they got on my phone, but at least now I know where they came from.

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