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    I'm new to WP7.5. i'm wondering if there is a way to have - right from the homescreen - the search engine which is looking into the local applications list.
    Basically after unlocking the phone I want to quickly do a search for an installed app without having to go to the application list screen first

    As I install more and more applications it's getting difficult to go through this app list and a mere search does the trick for me as it does on WIndows 8 Modern UI. I though the built-in Bing search engine would also do local search but it seems i was wrong

    Any tricks for me ?

    Thank you very much
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    On your menu/app list select any alphabet letter and you can then select your desired letter and ut should jump to that. But you need a certain amount of apps to get the letters to show.

    Only other way is to hold home / windows logo button and voice command the app you want e.g. Open Market place or the game you want to open.

    Hope this helps
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    Another way to search for apps is on when you see the full list of your apps, on the top left you can see a magnifying glass icon, select that and search for the app your looking for. :)

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