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    It's almost January and nothing. What is taking so much time for AT&T?
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    Well it's not just AT&T, 7.8 has not been officially released to any existing phones worldwide as of yet. The official timetable from Microsoft is the 1Q 2013.
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    By April.
  4. likaros88's Avatar

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    It's realy bad that it hasn't come yet. Don't get me wrong, love the OS. But I bought my girlfriend the 920 here in Sweden, and her phone is so much cooler, better and, just more fun with the different tiles and everything. I want that to, and I'm getting pissed that we have to wait and wait for the update :|
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    If you can't wait update with Nokia Care Suite, easy, fast, but I don't think there is US(ATT) version, but who live in Europe they can update their phone, I updated mine Lumia 800 it works very well.
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    I think its going to be sometime in January but officially its Q1 2013 which means I suppose sometime before or on March 31, 2013

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