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    I am new to the Windows Phone platform and I was just wondering when I'm out and about, will the Live Tiles still update and if so, will it use up my credit (because I assume that the People, Me and Linked Inbox tile all need a connection to the internet). I am on pay as you go so I don't have a data plan or anything like that. I'm just worried that I'd have to top up more than usual. Is there any way to disable updates when I'm not connected to any WiFi?
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    For email, this is easy, just go into the email, go to the three dots, then settings, then synchronisation settings and set the Get new items or something like that to manually. Then, every time you want to check your email you have to manually hit the sync button (which looks a bit like a refresh icon). As for People, I aren't sure but I don't think it updates that frequently, and data usage will be minimal unless you've added a metric f'tonne of contacts recently (this includes Facebook, Twitter, et al, should they be linked). As far as the other live tiles, if you go to settings, then swipe over to applications, then there should be an item called background tasks. You can go into that to switch background tasks off. That should save on your data plan (as well as battery!)

    Hope that helps!
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    Make sure to check the settings within the app. Many have an option to turn off the Live Tile.

    You can also go to,

    Settings > Scroll to Applications > Background Tasks > And the manually shut off any apps you don't want running in the background.
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    I managed to download an app from the marketplace called 'Network Switcher' that allowed me to turn off my cellular data connection :) Thank you anyway :))
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    You can turn it off in Settings, am I right?
    As long as Cellular data is off, it won't deduct from your credit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jiayit View Post
    You can turn it off in Settings, am I right?
    As long as Cellular data is off, it won't deduct from your credit.
    Funnily enough, I couldn't find it in 'Settings' so I had to download an app to turn Cellular Data off. Managed to work it out in the end hahah :) Didn't lose *too* much credit in the process. Strange how even though there is quite a strong WiFi connection, sometimes it still wants to connect to the 3G network :/

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