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    Hello everybody, so i have a samsung focus, and i love it to death so i got my girlfriend one for christmas. Everything on it works fine except for one thing, when we go to the marketplace and click on apps, it just shows a black screen and says "Applications" at the top and you can scroll across infinitely. There is no pictures or words. When i try sending her a link to the app from my phone, it loads up in her phone however there is no install button at the bottom. We have NOT tried a hard reset yet, as one of my questions is do you think a hard reset will fix this issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask questions so i can add details. Thank you.
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    Hard resets usually fix all issues and this looks like it has nothing to do with the hardware so yes, I'd say give hard resetting a shot.

    If that doesn't work, I'm afraid you'll have to swap the phone. Might just be an issue with the device.

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