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    I recently bought a HTC Radar 4G in Canada. It's been a terrible experience learning to use Marketplace so far, and I would appreciate some help with several different issues.
    Here are some related (?) info:
    1. My OS is Windows XP Pro in Swedish;
    2. I live in Canada and have Canadian credit cards that I have registered in Zune (through PC), and Marketplace (through Phone);
    3. After I installed Zune I was not able to register my live.ca emal ID with Zune. In order to use my @live.ca email ID with Zune, I had to change Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Standard & Format - English (Canada); Place - Canada; Input language - English.

    Here are my issues:
    1. Zune got installed in the language of the OS, which is Swedish. Is there a way to change it to English?
    2. When I connect my HTC Radar to the computer and fire up Zune, I do not get the marketplace application at all in Zune on the computer. How do I access Marketplace when the phone is hooked up to the computer?
    3. I have added two Canadian credit cards to my Xbox account that are visible in - https://live.xbox.com/en-CA/ManagePaymentOptions; however when I try to purchase an app through Marketplace in HTC Radar, I get the message that there is no credit card information available. How to fix this?


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