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  • 2 Post By ttsoldier
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    Hello to everyone
    it seams that Windows phone are loosing many users duo to lack of the application in the official Marketplace.
    Scrolling down on the Marketplace and i`m findig many apps that are fail imitating the Android/IOs applicatoins with a limited use ,and those apps on the Android/Ios devices are FREE and not paid to play for unlimited time or a limited score .
    The most i use my Lumia 800 ,more i got bored of it , The hardware`s specification are good , but what we can do with that hardwares just "wow i got x RAM /phone x CPU ?
    That make many users to change their phone or determinates to buy a Iphone/ or an android phone ,

    I can suggest some application to developers , if they want a succes with them

    1. Subway Sufers,
    2.Temple Run
    3.Google Chrome/
    5.Facebook messenger /
    6. Facebook App with Video compatibilty /Like/ Comment/ Messenger
  2. cgk
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    Can developers submit other browsers to the marketplace?????
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Your intent is good, but can we see a bit more concrete justification as to what your point is? Windows Phone 8 is growing, maybe not at the pace we all want, but the apps will come, rest assured. What needs to be focused on, acccording to the applications that you gave examples to, is Microsoft based apps. 1) The first two are games, which just like apps, will come to, but we also need to think about XLA games and games for Windows 8 that can be brought over to our phones. 2) Browsers. Ah, yes. Well don't get your hopes up for Chrome, with all the noise that Google is sending our way right now, we would be better off hoping for Safari. Opera I could see happening, but while both mobile browsers run on two different enigines ( IE Mobile being Trident, Opera on Presto), my experience with Opera on Android doesn't see much in terms of advances when compared to IE Mobile (I would, however, like to see Dolphin Browser, I did enjoy that one on my old Android). 3) This again goes back to refineing official Microsoft apps. I've seen a growing trend of third party clients for FB, Twitter, Reddit, etc. and from reviews it would appear that not one hits the nail on the head entirely, so this is where MSFT needs to step up and work on its own applications. Where we are now as far as apps go will not be the case by the end of this year, even by mid-year I would wager. Right now we just need developers to get out of their tunnel vision of catering to Android and iOS and devote time to Windows Phone. That's all we can hope for and in time see the quality AND quantity of apps increase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cgk View Post
    Can developers submit other browsers to the marketplace?????
    Yessir, you can find the UC Browser and the Surfcube one, along with a YouTube and GMail browser among others if you search the Marketplace.

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