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    Has anyone on Telus (Canada) with a Lumia 800 get the 7.8 update without using the Zune trick? I tried doing the Zune trick last night but couldnt get it to work.
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    Nothing for me either. Tried the disconnect thing, didn't work. We'll get it soon I hope.
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    Yesterday i got very lucky and used the zune trick and updated my 800 ( i am on telus)....First few times i disconnected too fast, finally got it to work when i disconnected between 4 and 5 seconds). Had to do the disconnect 3 separate times to get the 3 updates, but it worked perfectly.. I am loving the 7.8. Good luck, i would definately try again, i am sure i tried at least 4-5 times before i got it to work the first time,and stupidly, the first time it worked i forgot to reconnect....it is definately all about timing, and can be very frustrating!
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    The response from @TELUSsupport

    "Unfortunately we can’t comment on OS releases. Any new OS update news will be announced on goo.gl/fY4PO. Thank you."

    My reply to them:
    @TELUSsupport its says here that it will be out Jan 2013 telusmobility.com/en/ON/Nokia_Lu…

    No reply...
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    for the trick wait about 3-4 seconds then unplug ethernet.... then wait for a response from zune it should appear on your phone and in zune about the update
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    Got mine also by doing the disconnect trick. Had to do three updates. So far, I only get some kind of error while I go through the details/reviews/screenshots in the marketplace.
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    Telus definitely has it on their servers. My old Telus HTC Surround notified me it had an update, so I plugged it into Zune and within a half hour, it was sporting 7.8. Still waiting for my AT&T Lumia 900 tho...
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    Telus for some reason releases to particular phones in batches, can take over a month before some will get notified of the update. Letting carries decide on when /if ever to release updates that bring feature enchantments gives a bad end user experience.
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    Here is the response from Nokia about the rollout since Telus claims to know nothing about it.
    20 day throttling period:
    - Jan 30th-Feb 3rd: 25%

    - Feb 4th-Feb 17th: 50%

    - Feb 18th-> 100%
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    Anyone get the 7.8 update on Telus yet? (without doing the trick).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crushing Destroyer View Post
    Anyone get the 7.8 update on Telus yet? (without doing the trick).
    not possible, had an LG optimus 7 and the only way to get 7.8 is if you do the internet trick, where u press find updates on ur computer, and pull ur internet cable at a specific time, I did it rather fast on TELUS. It should work its on their servers
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    Just got the update today. No issues with the update, just took a little while.

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