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    WPCentral - has anyone else experienced their 7.8 device (mine is a Lumia 900) getting into a state where the Start screen is completely blank? I can swipe down the time and signal bars, use Bing search, use the camera, etc - but the Start screen will not load tiles and is completely blank.

    I will try to reproduce this but the only things I remember doing were looking at email using the built-in email app, and I may have accidentally hit the search capacitive button while reading. Then I backed out using multiple back-button presses until I reached a blank Start screen.

    I had to turn off the phone and restart it in order for the tiles to come back. Also, swiping to the full app list showed the list for a split second but then went blank each time.
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    Thanks @Bearach. Hasn't happened again since but I'm certainly curious as to what caused it the first time.

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