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    Hi I have a at&t titan 2 carriar unlocked phone and I've been trying to force update it to WP7.8 and I understand that if I don't dicconect my WiFi on time I get the message that says that I'm up to update. But sometimes I get a message that says

    "can't check for updates right now.please try again later.we couldn't connect to the update services.disconnect and reconnect your phone, make sure your computer has an internet connection, then try installing the update again

    Like I said I tried many times for the past 2 days and even count over 2+
    Seconds to see if it needed more time!

    Also has anyone been able to update there HTC device in the U.S thank you
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    I could not get the timing right with the pull cord method either. I did it with seveneighter and worked perfectly in about 30 minutes.

    From thread in Titan Forum:

    Quote Originally Posted by Samunlee View Post
    I Did It! Courtesy Josh


    In my case I had a problem with this error (when my device was restarted it always appeared the next error (update device 160a69e1 - 160a69e1 - 43c1151c - a579b1de - cf0d5649 complete with error code 80070013.) and that error is because we need to update our firmware, and for that, you need to download the HOTFIX (spl_2.6.160015.3_WWE)here...http://www.htc.com/www/support/news.a..., you only need to follow the steps described in that page.

    Run "spl_2.6.160015.3_WWE", but if you have a problem trying to install that upate and one driver is required in your PC (qualcomm cdma technologies msm) just let "windows update" download that driver and automatically will be installed.

    Follow the steps described in that page one more time and your problem will be solved, with that driver installed you wont have problems to run that HOTFIX and your Firmware will be Updated.

    After that you will be ready to the next procedure.

    1.- Download WP7_update_tool and run the operative system that you got (x64 or x86).

    2.- Download "seveneighter" and execute it as Administrator.

    3.- Click to "Install WP7.8" and choose you language (search in your phone in settings--region+language and put all laguages that appear in "Display Language"...THIS IS IMPORTANT!...In my case I only have as language "English" so I used that pack (English EU).

    Your device will be restarted and that error will be gone and automatically all updates will be downloaded and installed....you only need to wait for a minutes and you will see how your device is restarted everytime one updated is installed.
    Quote Originally Posted by power5 View Post
    What is it with all of these threads never including a simple link to the files and programs that need to be used? Where do I find WP7_update_tool? Where do I find a program called seveneigher?

    Found them:
    Download: seveneighter.zip - Windows Phone Hacker


    Trying this now.
  3. Hammuda's Avatar

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    Yea I don't know if I want to use the seven eighter tool yet because I heard some people were having problems with it

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