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  • 1 Post By WorzelGummage
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    Lots of paid apps get discounted to free for a limited time. You should take advantage of that and save yourself a lot of money. I did and saved so far 117.62p.

    Here is what you should do. Download and install AppDeals and WP7applist. Between these two apps, check daily and see what apps and games have "gone free" and install ALL of them. Once installed you can now immediately delete them if you wish. Download these "gone free" apps EVEN if they are of no interest to you right now. The reason being, you are linking that free download as a "purchase" to your Microsoft account. That means, should you want to install it again in the future, tap on Buy and you will get the message "You've already purchased this app. Would you like to install it again?" Make a list in your OneNote app on your phone for reference later so you know what you can install again for free in the future.

    What I also do is, sometime later, I revisit an app in the Store to see what the new purchase price is and make a note of it in my list.

    Here is my actual list of paid apps I have downloaded for free since I owned a Windows 7 phone:

    Windows Phone Apps:
    Presenter 79p
    Smoothie Flux 79p
    LondonTour 79p
    Sketch 79p
    Gleek! 1.49
    Add to Contacts 79p
    Calendar Search 79p
    Copy Paste + 79p
    Outsider 79p
    Outsider Extras 2.29
    Mehdoh 79p
    Photo Lock 79p
    Private Video 2.29
    Private Photo 79p
    Favorites with edit b4 dial 79p
    Shortcut Tiles 1.99
    [+] Lock Screen 79p
    [+] LomoCam 79p
    [+] Moments 79p
    [+] Emoji 79p
    [+] Note Plus 1.79
    Metro Lockscreen 79p
    SuperTube 99p
    easyTube 79p
    gMaps Pro 1.49
    Measure Note 1.49
    People Search 99p
    Convert2Go 1.29
    Camera Show 79p
    Thumbs Cam 79p
    Turbo Camera 79p
    SoMee 79p
    InvulgoMindMapper 2.79
    CleverPhoto 1.29
    Hey DJ! 1.29p
    Tweet It! 2.29p
    ToiletTime 79p
    Combinator 79p
    Sketch Pad 1.29
    Ffffound 79p
    Radar 1.49
    Photo Splash FX 79p
    PhotoPatcher 79p
    Pictomaphone 79p
    LocationMinder 79p
    MyNextDays 1.29
    Quick Shot 1.49
    Night Stand Clock 79p
    Digi Scan 2.29
    Frost 1.29
    Yivosoft Recorder 1.49
    Six Pack Abs 79p
    Sophie Cam 79p
    Ultimate Recorder 79p
    Flowtweet 79p
    Hourglass 79p
    Daily Epic Fail 79p
    Symmetry You 79p
    Tile Memo 79p
    Voice Memo Recorder 79p
    Home Remote RF 1.99
    MonsterCam 79p
    Clever Lists 79p
    Sklitter 1.29
    Metweets 1.29
    Twabbit 1.29
    Translator With Speech 99p
    YouTube Downloader 1.99
    SoundScapes7 79p
    Episodic 3.49
    TimeLapse Pro 79p
    Cumulotweetus 79p
    Nate & Frenchy's Random Axe 79p
    Note + 99p
    Battery Sense 79p
    PDF Reader 1.99

    Windows Phone Games:
    Doodle Car 79p
    Doodle Grub 1.49
    FallingBirds 1.99
    Portals 2D 99p
    Pirate Cat 79p
    Monster Up 79p
    Monster Up Adventures 1.49
    Rollover 79p
    Bubble Pop 79p
    Suduko3D 1.79
    Taphoo 79p
    Hangman : Cowboy 79p
    Logoarama 79p
    Quick Shift 79p
    Wordprospector 79p
    Furball Over the Front 1.49
    FlyBugFly 79p
    RollaB 79p
    Triandro 79p
    Air Soccer Fever Pro 79p
    Boonce 79p
    The Thieving Tower 79p
    Dark Runner 79p
    Pegathon 79p
    Ultimate Checkers 79p
    Skewer Master 99p
    Puzzle Fun 99p
    G-Sensor Tetris 79p
    Redraw! 79p
    Bandinos 1.49
    Super Voltage 79p
    Mirror's Edge 2.29
    Tile Path 1.49

    GRAND TOTAL: 117.62


    AppDeals | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)


    WP7applist | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
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    Nah, I'd prefer to pay for an app to help the developers to continue their good work. Honestly, for the price of a cup of coffee, I've got no problem with actually paying for my apps.
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  3. tboy2000's Avatar

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    Believe me. I have probably spent over 50 on apps for my phone and around 30 for my Windows 8 tablet. I am supporting them. This is not stealing you know. The developers themselves are 'choosing' to let their app go free temporarily. It encourages reviews and download hits.

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