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    Hi, as the title says my Bing wallpaper no longer updates automatically every day. Has anyone experienced this, and does anyone have a fix?

    If this helps, I am a Canadian running 7.8 who set the browser and search to English(US). I originally did this to get local scout and those interactive squares (n/a in Canada).

    PS: Bing Canada will detect the city I'm in. Bing US will detect the neighbourhood I'm in. Bing US has more Canadian locations than Bing Canada. Facepalm-worthy, eh?
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    Yeah, mine updated today, but first part of the week I had to manually switch to picture, then immediately back to bing for wallpaper. Did not even have to leave the settings window. Not sure what the deal is though. I would bet that you could restart your phone first thing in the morning and see if that works.
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    Its touch and go with Bing mate...

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